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Conference: Civic Education and the Democratic Changes November 2013.  
Project Citizen Conference & Exhibition December 2013.

Project Citizen Newsletter December ,2013

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JCCE Director Participates in a study visit to Brussels...

In cooperation with the Jordanian Center for  Civic Education Studies,
The Hashemite University seeks to train its students on civic education skills

Foundations of Democracy :
The Jordanian Center for Civic Education Studies (JCCES) is conducting a four day civic education workshop.
From Idaho to Amman:
 A delegation of Idaho educators visits JCCES October 2009


The importance of promoting Civic Education by Margaret Branson, Associate Director, Center for Civic Education

Civic Education in Jordan: Developing Active Citizens to Advance Peace and Stability
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Phone: (+962) 65818294 /5
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The Jordanian Center for Civic Education Studies (JCCES)
Paris Street Building No. 25

Ali Abdel Hadi Complex, 3rd floor, Swifieh,


P.O Box 141824 Al Bayadir

Postal Code 11814

Amman , Jordan  


The Jordanian Center for Civic Education launched in collaboration with the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) a project entitled "Women for Change" [more]

مشروع "نساء من أجل التغيير" في كل من الأردن ومصر وتونس

اطلق المركز الاردني للتربية المدنية بالتعاون مع صندوق الأمم المتحدة للديمقراطية  UNDEF مشروع "نساء من أجل التغيير...[للمزيد]



Omar Political Empowerment of Women in the communities

The Jordanian Center for Civic Education launched in collaboration with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) [more]


طلق المركز الاردني للتربية المدنية بالتعاون مع الوكالة السويدية للتعاون والانماء ...   [للمزيد]


Jordanian Center for Civic Education continues its journey in Project Citizen 2012/2013

Project Citizen program is based on training and qualifying civic education teachers for grades 6-10 in various education...[more]

استكمل المركز الاردني للتربية المدنية في تطبيق "مشروع المواطنة" بالتعاون مع مؤسسة كونراد اديناور ووزارة التربية والتعليم للعام الدراسي ...


Women’s Rights and Advocacy Program

The Jordanian Center for Civic Education launched in collaboration with Australian Development Agency a program entitled “Women’s Rights and Advocacy” in the governorates of Mafraq, Karak, Ma'an, in May 2012.[more]


مشروع حقوق المرأة وكسب التأييد

تحت عنوان "حقوق المرأة وكسب التاييد" اطلق المركز الاردني للتربية المدنية وبدعم من وكالة التنمية الاسترالية المشروع في كل من محافظات المفرق والكرك ومعان، بداية ايار 2012.



Project Citizen in the South of Jordan

Three Stories from project Citizen implementation in the school in the South of Jordan Academic year 2008-2009

  • Activating and Reinforcing the Positive Role of the Internet Centers.

  • Limiting the Danger of Uncovered Irrigation Ponds.

  • Making Good Use of Youth Free Time.


Towards a Safe and Clean School Environment

Believing in their right to study in a clean and safe school environment which is one of the rights clearly stated in the Declaration of Human... [more]




A Sun and Rain Shelter  for a School

The 1500 girls of Princess Taghreed School, a public school in the suburbs of Amman had been suffering the damaging sun rays... [more]



University Clinic Meets Project Citizen

Civic Education is concerned with disseminating the spirit of responsible and attentive citizenship so that civic qualities may become part of the behavioral ethos of citizens, citizens who are... [more]



We Care, We Show We Care

One of the problems, which the Civic Education students and found practical solutions to, was the problem facing Special Needs Students...



Better Parking at University of Jordan

One of the most important aims of Project Citizen is to help students acquire an accurate scientific basis and criteria to deal with the problems surrounding them in their local community...[more]